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DeadLightBulb makes music! We'll work in almost any genre, but we specialize in unique and thought provoking material. We deal in sonic landscapes, strange segues, distorted beasts and beautiful pathways. If you need just about anything done sound or music wise, we've got you covered.

We also perform graphic design services covering a wide variety of styles and formats, feel free to check out some samples of our work at design.deadlightbulb.com

DeadLightBulb is the brainchild of vocalist, multi-instrumentalist & all around artistic entrepreneur Jon Prints.

While the name 'deadlightbulb' may sound a bit morose at first, it's meant to convey an ultimately positive message. We all have ideas, dreams and other inclinations that pass through our heads and fizzle out like a tired old lightbulb on a day to day basis. DeadLightBulb is meant to lend credence to these thoughts we have, so that maybe someday we can allow them to flourish and grow to become tangible works of art that everyone can enjoy and appreciate.

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Los Angeles, CA

Need creative custom music?
Need unique graphic design?

We create soundtracks, intro music, outro music, ambient atmosphere tracks. Tracks for private artists, Hip-Hop beats, we don't scrutinize - we just do what we love.

On the visual side, we design business cards, post-cards, posters, giant vinyl banners or anything in between. Standard or out of the ordinary. We'll take those predefined molds, smash them, and go just about anywhere with our art. We WILL do standard material if requested by a client, but our roots lie deep in the abstract. That being said, we're just as proud and will be just as dedicated to whatever project we're tasked with, be it odd or ordinary!

Happy, sad, manic, funny, sappy, sexy, grunge, clean cut or out in the ether. We've got what you need!
Available for consultation.

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Since we stumbled inside it's cadre of mystery in 2013, we fully support the crypto currency scene and the blockchain movement. Jon has been known to broadcast on Crypto Core Radio from time to time and offer dlb services to the community as much as possible.

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